Accessibility Services

The advancement of technology has redefined the presentation of content and the emergence of accessibility services has enabled people to access various kinds of data, irrespective of their disabilities. At EMAYYAM, the team of experts understands the necessity that all documents be accessible to all, irrespective of their disabilities and limitations. Any document can be structured and remediated to meet the Accessibility Standards & Guidelines. Be it a document or a webpage or an application, EMAYYAM can get it converted to an Accessible PDF, Accessible Word Document, or an Accessible PowerPoint that complies with the ADA/WCAG requirements.

The PDFs/MS Word or PowerPoint slides, being the standard format of content/information sharing because of its control over the text and presentation, besides its sharing options so that they are available for downloading at all places. Though available easily, they may not be accessible by people with disabilities. Here EMAYYAM helps the companies to get such documents accessible as per standards whereby they can be accessed using a Braille displayer, screen reader, a speech to text applications, or any assistive technology.

Be it a Newsletter or a book or a manual or a brochure or an application form or a presentation, the Remediation team at EMAYAM carefully structure the document with the necessary coding and ALT Text so that the document becomes accessible.

PDF has several options which help users with disabilities to easily access the content present in the entire document. We simplify the process of accessing the PDF by carefully modifying the structural hierarchy. The contents of various nodes are displayed separately. Through the use of Screen readers and Adobe Acrobat Quick Accessibility Check, we ensure that all the basic elements enabling the accessibility of information in PDF documents is covered. While making the PDF more and easily accessible we follow the guidelines so that the documents remediated comply with the guidelines of PDF/UA. We also confirm that the PDF files present on the websites of our clients are accessible to people with disabilities. A detailed report about the compliance/non-compliance of the PDF files is presented with the issues being highlighted along with the suggestions to address them.

EMAYYAM is capable of remediating various formats of files available over the internet. The information available must be easily accessible by the differently-abled users, at all times, even on the go. EMAYYAM combines technology, techniques, and the guidelines such as WCAG 2.0, ePUB Distributable Objects, etc., effectively to provide the people of all abilities, an easy and simple alternative towards the accessibility of Text, Images, Audio, Video, and Animation, as per their choice.

The WCAG or the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 not only applies to web pages but also to the things that customers download from a website. Added to their years of experience, our staff members also employ innovative practices while providing solutions to problems in this category. They keep abreast with the up-to-date information about the latest technologies to provide our clients with top-notch services in the industry. Site structure, hyperlinks, and navigation aside, they also make sure that the text and media on the websites of our clients are accessible to people with disabilities.

EMAYYAM emphasizes strict adherence to compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines and Section 508 standards. With a great degree of importance to the norms and to ensure that the documents are fully accessible EMAYYAM performs the final audit using its inhouse/third-party applications and Screen readers like JAWS while also using the following tools:

  • Adobe Acrobat Full Accessibility
  • Adobe Acrobat Quick Accessibility Check
  • Adobe Read - Aloud

To confirm that the documents fully adhere to Section 508 compliance, EMAYYAM also undertakes the tasks of

  • A thorough review of your documents and suggest remedial measures to ensure accessibility
  • Prepare a masterplan to get all your information conforming to Accessibility guidelines
  • Training /Assisting your content authors with remediation methods
  • Conduct regular accessibility audits to support the ongoing accessibility plans of your documents
  • Deploy a dedicated, trained team to support your existing workforce