Data Management

The handling of legacy documents and their data is a challenging task due to its volume and storing them for a longer period is hampered by its condition. Hence, these documents are to be digitized and the data in these documents need to be captured and stored safely and have easy accessibility in the future. Here, EMAYYAM, with its expert data extraction and conversion specialists comes to help its clients by offering data extraction, management, and indexing solutions. The capture and storage of data from old documents are diligently done, ensuring accuracy. Using high-end scanners and trained associates EMAYYAM performs

  • Scanning – Both Black &white and Colour
  • OCR/ICR (Optical Character Recognition/Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Proofreading
  • Indexing

EMAYYAM has handled a large amount of legacy data from various document types and has acquired vast knowledge and experience, hence standing ahead with its accuracy and timely delivery.

EMAYYAM understands the criticality of proper data management, as it plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process of companies. The clear-cut process and standardized review mechanism help companies to enjoy the luxury of precise and accurate data, reducing the timing of their decision-making process, enabling them to achieve efficiency and prominence, with faster time to market.

The bottleneck in a Data entry process comes with the condition of the hard copy, making it a time-consuming and tedious process at times. With its affordable, full-service data entry services, EMAYYAM helps global companies to overcome the data management challenges, by handling their data needs effectively and allowing them to concentrate on their core activities of the business.

Having gained vast experience by handling voluminous projects, EMAYYAM had developed the capability to handle large volume projects, delivering time-sensitive services with high accuracy. The team can handle both online and offline data entry projects, including handwritten documents.