The team of Content specialists, visualization experts & Instructional Designers at EMAYYAM are adept at developing content and creating Storyboards making the learning session vibrant and appealing. The talented pool of professional voice artists, studios, and videographers at EMAYYAM assist us in the eLearning projects. The preparation is complete with the storyboards having Onscreen text, specific narrative, and relevant visual description along with the duration of the slides.

Our subject matter experts are experienced in developing custom content/lessons/information as per requirement/syllabi. They are post-graduates in various disciplines and can handle all academic /grade subjects easily and can also handle module development for industry-specific needs, whether it be for introduction, promotion, or training.

For any science-related content to create interest in the reader, should have interactive elements, responsive to the user’s behavior. The coding team at EMAYYAM understands the need for various science- and mathematics-based activities and writes simulations. As the behavior of the system should depend on the behavior of the user to create eagerness the simulations should be logically and mathematically intensive and our team can develop simple interactivities to high complex responsive simulations to attract the readers/students.

Characterization and development of developing animations take high visual thinking. It is an art in itself where the thoughts and imagination get the visual appeal. EMAYYAM prides itself on a team, capable of developing both 2D/3D animations. The animations must focus on the needs and should be of the right duration. Our expert animation team builds graphical and animated representation which attracts the readers, keeps them engaged and attentive to the content, all the while.

Scripting - (Web) And LMS

With its software team comprising of application developers, EMAYYAM creates web-based scripts and flash Scripts that can be used in the server/client as per the requirement. Besides, the team can integrate the content into the Learning Management System (LMS).

HTML5/JS Conversions

EMAYYAM employs HTML coding experts who are experts in handling interactive content in HTML 5. The content/animation in any form can be converted or re-created to HTML5/JS/CSS format.